This is the story of a monster named Razmarus and his reign in the afterlife known as Mionfaer. As a self-proclaimed High Priest, he exacts punishment on the various souls in his care, however he is now plagued by an enigmatic creature that could very well be madness made manifest.

Only time will tell if his cruelty will end with his own self-destruction or at the hands of another.


DeSTRESS is a fantasy webcomic that asks for readers to observe and draw their own conclusions about the rules of the world and situations of the comic based on what is shown and sometimes told. This comic was created as an effort to add more comics of my personal preferences to the internet.

DeSTRESS has been running since June 2010. Updates may fluctuate depending on my schedule. DeSTRESS is currently on Hiatus until June 8th, it will resume updating on Sundays
I am currently a Game Art and Design student. The writing, art and content components of this site are my responsibility. I enjoy mythology and psychology and have integrated these interests into DeSTRESS accordingly.

You can contact/find me at:
My Tumblr (Invasion Space)


You can also PM me on SJ
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-You are here, talks about the site, how to contact me and what DeSTRESS is about in a succinct manner.

-Any announcements I make will be primarily posted there. (I will also post a notice on the latest comic page if it warrants that.)

-Self-explainatory, lets you navigate the comic pages quickly with hover-preview thumbnails.

-A brief list of all notable characters in the comic. Includes what their names are (if revealed), a thumbnail of what they look like, a brief line of their skills and a job title if applicable. Nothing specific is listed of their personalities to encourage readers to come to their own conclusions about the characters.

-A miniwiki of sorts. Provides all kinds of information revealed in-comic. Typically only things that are outright said or "shown" 2-3 times in comic are placed in the miniwiki.

-Completely optional section that tells you how Astervotum (the fictional language of DeSTRESS) works. Some people are sure to find that fun.

Bonus Art
-An archive of sorts for all the incentive art I do in addition to updating the comic. I typically update it at the end of every month. Everything is organized into categories and then chronologically.

-Those looking for the NSFW (and non-canon) art that I have drawn for DeSTRESS can find them in this section. (Scroll to the bottom)

-A showcase of fanart and any splash art I have created for holidays, milestones and promotional purposes.

-The original chapter 1 of DeSTRESS as well as a 20 page proto-DeSTRESS comic can also be found in this section. Please be warned that the original chapter has some potentially upsetting material, and that the warnings are listed for a reason. Its inclusion on the site is purely for archive purposes.