IV. 044

October 16th, 2011, 6:37 am

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October 16th, 2011, 6:41 am

Oh Sid. Can you spot the world related hint?

The NEW INCENTIVE is uh, an unfortunate brain fart that sprouted from the panel 3 initial sketch. My only regret is that I couldn't MAKE IT EVEN SEXIER (don't worry, it's worksafe).


May 21st, 2019, 11:40 pm



October 16th, 2011, 7:20 am

Poor guy hasn't slept at all!

He's the worst alarm clock he had to find him with Kresin's help. XD

Sid's gotta do what a Sid's gotta do.

That's entirely for you to figure out. 8)

It shall be revealed with time, Kavir isn't the only one who's important in the blue pages though.

But Liezon's (yes you got his name right) going to teach Kavir Astervotum, so obviously he can be trusted! XD

@daughter of leo
What do you think? XD And what is your other theory, you suggest the most theories (which I rather enjoy <3).

I think he needs to work more on how he sleeps!

No problem, it's one of the little things. And don't worry about it, there will be more about it :).

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kitti (Guest)

October 16th, 2011, 9:33 am

dangerous? mags don't care! mags don't give a shit! honestly mags is a bit of a jerk sometimes.

t-that incentive...

Tanith Mot

October 16th, 2011, 9:44 am

Oh jesus XD Yes.

Daughter of Leo

October 16th, 2011, 10:07 am

Oh do I? Haha, it's only because I like storylines that keep me on my toes.

And my other theory is that Razzy used to be Leizon but through some change that has yet to be revealed, Razzy 'changed'? I don't know exactly how to put it, but like I said it's kinda farfetch'd. I look through older pages every so often, and I don't think I've seen anything that directly contradicts it.

But I could COMPLETELY of mark. There seems to be a lot of things that have yet to be revealed, haha. I just add everything to my little faulty memory bank.

Of course I could have been right the first time with Raz being Stumpy, haha.

And aw Sid is fapping in public. Doesn't he know that is something best saved for bedrooms? Though I get the strange feeling that Mags doesn't particularly respect Sid. Kind of like, "It's nice that you can talk and all, small person, but I have better things to do than stand her and listen." But then again, I might just be projecting.


October 16th, 2011, 10:39 am

Eye his eye....why do you cover up such an awesome thing. Better question, what the hell is that?


October 16th, 2011, 10:42 am

You mysterious answers confuse and arouse me. Where are you taking us on this little story, my dear?


October 16th, 2011, 11:59 am

That incentive is 100x better than I could have hoped it would be. How much for a glorious spin-off? It would have thousands of fans on SJ, you know it.

@Stephi: The eye? That's where he keeps his familiar.


October 16th, 2011, 12:00 pm

Omigosh the vote incentive <3

Genius haha


October 16th, 2011, 12:06 pm

More about the rancid cookie?! NOOOOO- oh wait. Lol xD

THAT INCENTIVE IS AWESOME. I was crossing my fingers that it wasn't some partially naked bishie kind of thing to appeal to horny fangirls and YOU DID NOT DISAPPOINT XDD IT IS SO MUCH BETTER

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