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February 10th, 2013, 8:21 am

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February 10th, 2013, 9:12 am

Very suspicious. Also there will be a BONUS UPDATE on Monday!

Today's INCENTIVE is a colored silly fairy-taleish doodle. It's in color and has a bit of an inside joke (that only I know 8V), but if you can guess it, you're sharp!

Repsychus also drew a crossover picture in the spirit of St. Valentine's Day!

She is also still running her chipin and I'm still plugging it.

The ask box is currently empty of all questions! Submit a question or suggestions for incentives (or NSFW art suggestions) here!


May 21st, 2019, 11:43 pm



February 10th, 2013, 9:22 am

Those curious about the mystery of Sid, here are some hints/refreshers (OUCH! that old art!)

Chapter 2:
Ch 2 pg 11-22 (may as well), Ch 2 pg 28-34, Ch 2 pg 60

Chapter 3:
Is more of a Cheres chapter but there's a few Raz and Sid interactions at the start of the chapter.

Chapter 4:
Ch 4 pg 26, Ch 4 pg 71 & 72 (not a direct thing to Sid, but it might give some helpful context)

Chapter 5:
Ch 5 pg 15, Ch 5 pg 49-56

Other events of interest would be how Kresin and the other Bezzafrayl act/react/treat Martae and how Martae behaves.

How exciting!

Funnily enough there is a system in place! In one of the linked Chapter 2 pages Raz tells Kresin to take care of Sid since he's her responsibility. Another is in the tailish end of Chapter 5 where Kresin refers to Lisair being Martae's partner. On the Chiranoble side referring to chapter 3 has Cheres referring to Raz as her partner numerous times. Hope that helps 8)

Indeed that is one of the big mysteries/plot points of the comic! Also I linked some of the pages up above for your convenience. Hopefully the scenes will take a slightly different tone/meaning when you see them again!

Which part confuses you so that I can try to direct you to the proper pages 8D

Yes they did mention archives, it's very odd that Sid seems to have such a large discrepancy doesn't it? Then again, so does Martae.

If it helps, Lisair is *really* a frog. Yup, Kresin is all about the rules, she is Master of Justice after all. It really would be interesting to see how she acts without all the rules, wouldn't it?

@daughter of leo
It's ok this is certainly one of the big mysteries so don't feel lost! I tried to link some pages up above, they aren't all of them but they should help.


I'm glad that it's confusingly intriguing, and don't feel ashamed of checking the cheat sheet or asking questions, I can probably direct you to the page or give a ~coy hint~.

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February 10th, 2013, 11:55 am

Well, I always thought that Martae dies enough times that she probably doesn't have time to write anything down.

Aish everyone seems so dysfunctional here :)

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