June 10th, 2013, 2:26 am

Status Upate! (June 10th 2013)

This is just a casual update that I am alive and simply drowning in bad planning and final projects. After this week is over (6-15-13) I can return to drawing/buffering/updating- with any luck I can get back to drawing sooner, but that is only in the best case scenario.

I apologize for that as it is entirely my fault for not planning my work and comic buffer out better.

Also dS became ~3 years old~ on the 7th (I'm sorry for not posting something up for then too OTL).

Anyway, thanks again for being so patient and supporting the comic, I'm trying very hard to finish the 11 page treat* and resume posting more updates.

*For those curious the 11 pages are a chapter 0 of sorts that I've wanted to make and post for a while. I thought it would have been best to post it all at once and after ch 5 was finished. It contains the EXCITING TOPIC of how souls are handled when they arrive at Mionfaer as well as give a better context for how ch 1 started off as it did.

I hope you look forward to it as much as I look forward to being able to get back to posting!

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