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The story of a monster and his reign in the afterlife. **Features language, gore/violence, images/concepts that could be deemed disturbing and brief nonsexual nudity. DeSTRESS does NOT contain NC-17 or R-rated material. Please forgive the art step-back on chapter 2, the art resumes getting better. Updates on Sunday. Critiques welcome, thank you and enjoy! *(as of 2017) This comic is currently on hold as project lists are cleared out! There is no need for concern 8)

Finally, an Explaination

4 Months of inactivity is a pretty big deal and I apologize for being too chickenshit to make a newspost here. (The H word is practically a declaration of death.) And of course, thank you so much for sticking around despite my long inactivity.

These past few months have been hectic and each time I open my internet maw about how I think they're going to go, it doesn't go that way.

I'm going to resume posting DeSTRESS pages again on June 8th. I will probably be sticking to a 1 page/week update schedule for a while because of unbelievable drama and due to now having a job as a level designer for a future PS4 game. I have also been working on a very low energy side project when I haven't had time to properly sit down and do pages.

Once again, thank you for being so patient with me. Year 4 production of the comic was atrocious, I hope year 5 is a lot better and that you guys will be entertained.

EDIT (8/8/14):
To keep everyone up to speed, don't panic if I do not update for a week or so, I tend to work in batches of pages and sometimes things go awry during what I had assume is "enough time" to be consistent.

I'll keep chugging along, so don't you worry, and for better or worse I'll keep posting updates on Sunday/the next Sunday that I can.

In order to possibly temp cope with this problem and the ~uncertainty~ of IRL events I'm considering shoving a buffer counter link somewhere on the site...

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Status Upate! (June 10th 2013)

This is just a casual update that I am alive and simply drowning in bad planning and final projects. After this week is over (6-15-13) I can return to drawing/buffering/updating- with any luck I can get back to drawing sooner, but that is only in the best case scenario.

I apologize for that as it is entirely my fault for not planning my work and comic buffer out better.

Also dS became ~3 years old~ on the 7th (I'm sorry for not posting something up for then too OTL).

Anyway, thanks again for being so patient and supporting the comic, I'm trying very hard to finish the 11 page treat* and resume posting more updates.

*For those curious the 11 pages are a chapter 0 of sorts that I've wanted to make and post for a while. I thought it would have been best to post it all at once and after ch 5 was finished. It contains the EXCITING TOPIC of how souls are handled when they arrive at Mionfaer as well as give a better context for how ch 1 started off as it did.

I hope you look forward to it as much as I look forward to being able to get back to posting!

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ATTN Readers!

UPDATE! 5-22-12
I THINK I've found a pretty good (in color!) printer for DeSTRESS! How do you guys feel about paying $5 per issue (about 28-36 pages each)? I know that sounds like too little pages but I have to split the longer chapters since the max pages they will print is 60something (chapters 3 and 4 are 70+ pages!).

However I can definitely put in !colorful! bonus content as well as make some snazzier covers for you guys!

You can make some suggestions about what kind of content you'd like to see. but bear in mind that I cannot have NC-17/X content or else the printers will decline printing! (By default I will put in concepts/trivia and author notes.)

I am also FINALLY getting around to those charms some of you guys expressed interest in!

Original News:
So during a livestream and talk of kickstarter there was talk about printing dS. Now the main concerns (but probably not the only ones) I had about it being printed would be:

-I make the comic WAY too small (800x1000 px @ 150 DPI).

-The old chapters look TERRIBLE when next to the new/current art.

However with a bit of tweaking I CAN make the pages their proper printing dimensions without looking like a blurry mess.

I have heard some opinions about how readers wouldn't mind the old art. Or if it really comes down to it, I could REDO the art to be the proper dimensions, but that's a lot of pages so the quick-fix compromise is preferable, 261 pages is a lot of stuff to redraw!.

So, what should I do now?

Please tell me what you think, if this goes well you could have a hard copy of DeSTRESS! (Also if you have any tips about ANY of this, printing and/or kickstarter, PLEASE tell me!)

And uh, if you support this, please show it! As much as I would love to hand out physical copies I do have fiscal responsibilities, and (as desperate?) as it is for me to say this, if not enough interest is expressed, I can't do much!

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ATTN: Need help with site appearance.

It's a minor thing but I feel like DeSTRESS really needs a new site appearance, nothing fancy but I'm horrible at coding and most of my tweaking seems to lead to more headaches than working pages.

If anyone wants to help out, send me a PM- I can't offer money but I can offer art and similar things if that interests you.

Thanks in advance for your help!

In the meantime I'll keep playing around with the site layout...

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Like the title says, chapter one was ripped apart and built back better than ever! Please reread the chapter and enjoy!

And as always, thanks for all your support!

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Since I'm unsure on if I will have Internet or not for the 3rd-6th and couldn't work fast enough to complete another page, here is some old as fuck stuff. Have a great Labor Day Weekend guys and enjoy your "surprise"!

"Final Midnight" is a 20-page oneshot made back when "Rising Stars of Manga" existed and in my opinion it hasn't aged well whatsoever, BUT it could be considered an incredibly old prototype of sorts for DeSTRESS. It shares some design and setting elements, but nothing that could possibly be spoilers for DeSTRESS so read away.

*The writing and art is BAD, but hey you can have a look into what something I did looked like? (Holy shit it even has COMIC SANS FONT DDD8)

*Feel free to leave comments in this post. (Comments of this in the DeSTRESS comic comments will BE DELETED!)

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